Hello I'm Debbie Johnston

A piano technician with over 30 years of experience in tuning and repairing piano's in Poole Dorset.

About me

Debbie Johnston

Experienced piano technician

I’m Debbie Johnston a professional piano technician with over 30 years of experience working with pianos. For three years i trained at the London College of Furniture to become a piano technician. I’ve worked hard to become a thorough and reliable piano tuner and am comfortable working  with upright and grand pianos.

In my career i’ve worked in numerous piano shops before deciding to becoming a self-employed piano technician. My work covers many areas including tuning in piano shops, churches, schools, residential homes and private houses.

I welcome people of all levels of experience to book a tuning with me. For additional piano tunings I will contact you to arrange extra appointments.


Tuning & repairs

Piano’s need to be kept in a good condition and will need constant tuning and repairs. Ideally your piano should be tuned at least twice annually. I’m comfortable tuning and repairing all upright and Grand pianos.

Pitch raise

Your piano pitch may drop below the recommended concert pitch (A440) due to the lack of regular tuning. Therefore  your piano will need a pitch raise if using to accompany other instruments.


Often piano’s are bought that are not suitable for the buyer. For a small fee i will assess and professionally evaluate a piano you are thinking of buying.


I can provide valuable advice for when it comes to piano removals, piano positioning and the ideal conditions in which a piano should be kept in.



Currently i’am based in the Poole area and cover all of Dorset and some of Hampshire.

Here are some of the areas i cover:


If you want to book a tuning or would like any advice please get in touch.